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MCPOS Stories

MCPOS Computer Company is established in 1998. Up till now, we are proud to announce that we have the biggest and most professional team of experts in the Chicago Chinese Community. We also have business agents across the US. MCPOS is the best solution for your business!

MCPOS, which stands for "Symbol of professional point-of-sales solutions". We are reseller for leading Point-of-Sales software "MCPOS", which is designed specifically for the needs of American customers. Software development is a difficult and time-consuming process. With years of MCPOS developers' effort and contribution, plus tireless practices and enhancements, the first generation product MCPOS system hits the Asian restaurant market in 2000.

Continues Improvements

We value continues improvements for MCPOS and have adopted thousands of comments and suggestions. We demonstrated numerous testing and debugging to insure the stability and flexibility of the MCPOS. After numerous updates and refinements, MCPOS has gained reputation and applauses from the public and customers for its simple, flexible and practical features.

Global Service

MCPOS currently operates in North America and Asia. Our headquarter is located in Chicago Illinois, with 4 branch offices all over the US. MCPOS software developer team is based in Guangzhou China. In the future, we will continuously strive to offer reliable technology and innovative POS solutions to customers around the globe.

Certification & Partners

Strong technical supports from Microsoft & Oracle Certified Engineers. A partner with FistData & CardConnect payment services.

Office Location

We have 4 branch offices all over the US. We will continuously strive to offer reliable and innovative POS solutions around the world.

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