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Team Viewer14; Team Viewer15 




Remote Utilities

Install the Host on each remote computer for unattended access.

For spontaneous remote support use the run-only Agent.

Install the Viewer on the computer you want to control from.

Alternatively, you can run the portable Viewer without installation.


Menu Guide:  English Version; 中文版本使用手冊


Install Guide  Font  Free Anti-Virus DynDNS-Updater

1. Remote View  2.RemotePlayBack 3.DDNS 4.Eagleeyes

Camera WindowsXP Setup Guide

Setup Guide (Chinese)

Setup Guide (English)

Runtime DLL


MCPOS For Restaurant


OrderingHut for Restaurant App





 Kitchen Display System  (New) support  keyboard;

Kitchen Display System  kitchen display system;


Dine In T3.3.3.0c (New)  work for buffet

Dine In T3.3.3.0 for win8 tablet  800x1280


Dine In

Dine In

Dine In  max quantity on forced modifiers ;

Dine In dot matrix print print red color when quantity more than 1 ;

Dine In  guest terminal;

Dine In confirm Qr-code order automatically;

Dine In  inventory add bill of materials function;

Dine In  fix screen2 problem; fix callerid problem; improve inventory function;

Dine In new inventory adjustment function;

Dine In add category type report; add voided item report

Dine In  can’t edit easyordering order;

Dine In add changed modifiers qty;

Dine In

Dine In add black screen while processing credit card;

Dine In  fix some bugs;

Dine In sync tax rate;

Dine In new slideshow function on screen2;

Dine In  fix EO client update  settings problem;

Dine In fix monthly report; new sever settlement way;

Dine In support pax a920;

Dine In update order to eo server;

Dine In update EO price;

Dine In fix splited ticket credit card problem;

Dine In  fix options length; print online credit card receipt;

Dine In improve phone pad;

Dine In mcpos open only 1 time; new customer logo; black list; fix out of stock problem;

Dine In fix signature; refresh pending list;

Dine In fix confirmed not refresh bug;

Dine In support EO convenience fee;

Dine In confirm customize;

Dine In fix gift card bug.

Dine In add split checks to 17;

Dine In support A920 scan barcode to pay bill;

Dine In fix spllte bill save problem;

Dine In fix tips guide problem, fix new pax300 debit function. 

Dine In  new out of stock function. 

Dine In fix tips charge problem; print format. 

Dine In fix cashdrawer lock bug; some bugs. 

Dine In fix package item online price problem; fix new s300 add tips problem. 

Dine In  fix surcharge, fix double split item.

Dine In auto confirm online order.

Dine In new server sales report in EOD.

Dine In  fix bugs.

Dine In improve tab order function.

Dine In fix bugs. 

Dine In add online price. 

Dine In client pc confirm EO order. 

Dine In  change recall , settle search functions 

Dine In modifier: 40 

Dine In add print and pay function on split check.

Dine In send multi-item to pad;

Dine In new pad functions;

Dine In  split check(9);

Dine In new split check; print subtotal to kitchen receipt;

Dine In   fix add tips bug;

Dine In  add total on kitchen receipt;

Dine In  fix tab order bug;

Dine In  support app2.0;

Dine In  Deliver Cooking Time; add tips with check; add debit card switch;

Dine In support app submit item by item.

Dine In add EO test mode; not change item code after save.

Dine In auto fix wrong transactions;

Dine In  support debit card;

Dine In   processing credit card faster;

Dine In fix subitems carry-out price problem;

Dine In  new print function;

Dine In improve easyordering of EOD; web order list report; 

Dine In  improve easyordering of EOD; web order list report; 

Dine In fix easyordering discount problem; increase price;

Dine In send confirmed sms; fix some bugs

Dine In fix easyordering delivery tips problem; change default phone ext to first 3 letters of street name;

Dine In pay at restaurant; express carry out price.

Dine In fix combine sc amount; improve tips guidelines; print gift card present balance on bill receipt;

Dine In default online-order confirm user;

Dine In label option quantity; QR Order;

Dine In   easyordering settings;

Dine In   add a new format for label printer;

Dine In  switches for pad and kiosk ticket;

Dine In  kiosk print additional kitchen receipt ;

Dine In  fix pickup-later order add items problem; input user access code when confirm;

Dine In   giftcard tips; splited ticket print modifiers;

Dine In  add locator# on kitchen receipt; fix forced modifiers bugs;

Dine In   add locator# to packer receipt;

Dine In    new app switches;

Dine In  verify payment;

Dine In  support kiosk options qty and price;

Dine In   support tab options qty and price;

Dine In   improve kiosk and tab orders automatic;

Dine In  fix change item; forced modify auto return; improve integrated web roder;

Dine In  auto import tab order;

Dine In   support subitem from

Dine In  improve online order; app to web to mcpos

Dine In  improve online order; app to web to mcpos

Dine In   improve online order;

Dine In   trim space on item code ;

Dine In  express save first ;

Dine In  offline reader;

Dine In  fix a bug;

Dine In  change item on bill display position;

Dine In  fix payment display problem;

Dine In  change dowload way;

Dine In  improve multi-address. Import multi-address from easyrodering

Dine In  import payment;

Dine In  fix offline credit card;

Dine In  fix tips print out problem;

Dine In  new label format; new time card report print out.

Dine In  

Dine In  fix gift card voided problem and use other stores gift card; separate id of other payments, gift, onhouse

Dine In   print online order receipt; check sid when reprint credit card receipt;

Dine In  input table# on Expree order; change item code on online order confirm screen;

Dine In  fix online order import bugs;

Dine In  modify troutd#;

Dine In  convenience fees;

Dine In  change some online order functions;

Dine In  change some functions;

Dine In  integrated; testing version;

Dine In fixed  buffet note bug.

Dine In   import online order; new attendance box;

Dine In fix splited  ticket cash discount problem ;

Dine In support multi gift card account; 2 touch screen ;

Dine In  pint cups total; new eod report; fix some bugs;

Dine In   online gift cards

Dine In support Sweeten Tax; Bottled Water Tax; Bag Tax

Dine In fix pickup time bugs.

Dine In fix closing receipt & splited ticket print problem; add option for not print void item to kitchen

Dine In import reward points; option for no reward point after discount;

Dine In fix non-discountable;

Dine In  reset modifier buttons after void item; print negative number after void;

Dine In add online order commission way; fix ID card reader bug; keyin modifier bugs

Dine In  split delivery charge; slit 1 item;

Dine In pick time problem; print note with all type receipt; add switch with share table;

Dine In fix split bill bugs.

Dine In improve package item function;

Dine In improve package item function;

Dine In action button on modification function;

Dine In print bigger order# on packer receipt bottom.

Dine In print reward point balance on receipt; add win mode on station entry; improve customer bills and rewarod points detail;

Dine In new customer bills report, old xp barcode mode.

Dine In  big order# on receitp; multi-payment on nail server report;

Dine In calculate delivery distance, duration and direction; charge delivery fee by miles;

Dine In kitchen format10; name on pole

Dine In  support go3 online gift card (test version only); print label 1by1; separate credit card keyin and cash.

Dine In  new label format; support advanced pole display

Dine In  remind miss terminal name.

Dine In fix some bugs; fix window10 color; some new functions; need test.

Dine In  fix some bugs; print note to kitchen when voided bill.

Dine In fix dot-matrix packer format.

Dine In support more printers print out barcode.

Dine In  improve daily total report.

Dine In fix some bugs.

Dine In  add new English format of food runner receipt.

Dine In support Occupation Taxes.

Dine In change food runner receipt format.

Dine In  add tips option function, share  tips from tips amount;

Dine In add area sum on main screen on buffet version;

Dine In  add some salon functions;

Dine In fix gift card keyin problem;

Dine In print void quantity;

Dine In packer receipt;

Dine In  fix combined bill problem.

Dine In   improved back function; fix star mode /w win7 print total problem.

Dine In fix some bugs;

Dine In add menu on order screen;

Dine In  fix some bugs; edit menu on order screen;

Dine In  new menu input; change check to other payment; change to insert mode in credit on express;

Dine In online order commission; import/export system setup

Dine In show credit card last 4 digit# on receipt;

Dine In service charged total on credit card receipt; troutd# = terminal name + reference#

Dine In change clock out tips as cash tips.

Dine In  Terminal Report; driver fee; driver tips trans fee;

Dine In Terminal Report;

Dine In integrated EMV terminals; Terminal Report;

Dine In integrated EMV terminals; good for 1 pos

Dine In integrated EMV terminals;

Dine In  duplicate order; pending print;

Dine In  big order# on packer receipt.

Dine In  new modifier group in order screen;

Dine In  modifier has kitchen printer;

Dine In modifier quantity;

Dine In  modifier quantity;

Dine In  tax;

Dine In   Employee Schedule, can't clock in without schedule;

Dine In   fix share item tips category  bugs

Dine In  fix eod cc trans fee error.

Dine In  auto log off; add re-open button on login screen.

Dine In    for wu's house;

Dine In  for wu's house;

Dine In  carryout no tax;

Dine In   fix server tips detail report bugs;

Dine In  add print label 2x1b; credit card checking duplicated;

Dine In  add credit card tips fee on EOD report. (mis 1 file)

Dine In  fix splitted ticket unsettle problem; fix splitted ticket pole amonut problem;

Dine In  sushi buffet + dine-in price; fix settlement bugs

Dine In   server service charge report; server settlemnet;  share bar tips from 4:pm   

Dine In  fix some bugs

Dine In update kitchen print out format; clockin first

Dine In 1. fix tax problem. 2. print void payment = amount+tips. 3 print multi tax (food,liquor,bread...); 4. print fed tax and state tax. 5. bar price with category type: liquor, beer, martinez, cocktail, alcoholic, wine; 6 google map; 7 fix many bugs (need test receipt)

Dine In label printer

Dine In label printer

Dine In  SID of change price; item coupon;

Dine In weight unit;

Dine In  recode version; support win7 & win8.  functions same as 2330b but new code. didn't test with all the hardwares; need to test printer, cashdrawer, callerID, pole, other hardware and pccharge in xp & win7 ;


Dine In  fix modifiers bugs.

Dine In  fix some credit point bugs; add redeemed report

Dine In support online order payments;

Dine In  copy forced modifier;

Dine In  fix forced modifier and package item bugs.

Dine In  fix server settlement bugs. update scale mode.

Dine In   fix server settlement bugs. update scale mode.

Dine In  Customer Self-Order mode;

Dine In fix some bugs

Dine In fix side group bugs; check duplicate transactions within 24hours;

Dine In  salon new staff map; online coupons;

Dine In fix card reader reading problem; new log for callerID;

Dine In  fix buffet discount bugs. compatible with old modifiers

Dine In group functions for Forced Modifier; full support  pizza function;

Dine In group functions for package item; spent 1$ get 1 vip card point; Redeem fix credit points

----------------------------- do not update and call ADS if customer is using vip card ---------------------------------------------------------------

Dine In  new icon;

Dine In  Add address index of restaurant, import map data from map company (csv file format); multi-job multi-wages; input tips total when clock-out; 2 languages of menu group in bill;

Dine In martet price(1234.56); open price(1234.57); new open kitchen function; non discountable item; table show

packer font size: 2,3,4,5,6,  23;24;25;26;

Dine In packer receipt only english; add bill# on packer receipt bottom;

Dine In salon mode(open table map = 3); salon customer; replace gift card

Dine In  auto tips; dot matrix for snbc

Dine In  export & import customer data; fix [show report];  add barcode on packer receipt; add table# on server settlement receipt;

Dine In  auto create (S) or (L) items

Dine In fix some bugs; cancel refund credit function; auto fix only 5 transactions; 

Dine In test version; change name2 on [about]; fix express print options bugs.

Dine In fix pickup time bugs; add new packer receipt font size 6(bold); can adjust packer receipt English font size;

Dine In  format 0,2,4,6 two languages; 1,3,5 only english; 7,8 only name2;

format 0,1 for Dot-matrix printer; 2,3 for thermal printer; 4 smaller name2; 5 only bigger english; 6 small name2, bigger name1; 7 noly big name2; 8 only small name2;

Dine In new receipt format: packer receipt font(packer font size=3), 2 biggest, 3~6 smaller; big table# on food runner receipt;

-----------------------------kitchen and packer receipt not compatibility, please reset font size after update---------------------------------------------------------------

Dine In add agent functions; keyin modifier;

Dine In add switch for kitchen itme line; save before pay;

Dine In  bill# bug

Dine In fix some screen bugs.

Dine In  print to kitchen after save in WalkIn Mode; fix table map editor bugs; fix modifier 2nd page problem;

Dine In  need test.

Dine In  1024X768; new bill screen; need test;


Dine In (New) print tips line option.

Dine In  support new credit card reader.

Dine In fix some credit card reader problem.

Dine In update discount function; tax before discount;

Dine In  update express giftcard function.

Dine In ask for last 4 digits of credit card when double charge.

Dine In print barcode on credit card receipt; print barcode on spited ticket; check computer with duplicate credit card# and keyin card# function;

tax counter on items, print function on station report; fix split tickets problem; express function for receipt, improve credit card function.

Dine In  new gift card function.

Dine In  change splited bill functions.

Dine In combined bill need S.ID of “VOID BILL”

Dine In  kitchen display system; need test

Dine In  kitchen display system; need test

Dine In  share the scale with all stations.

Dine In new coupon function

Dine In

Dine In new phone pad function; choose to tablemap or main window after login; fix time card bug;

Dine In  name2 on food runner receipt;

Dine In  fix bugs of automatic discount;

Dine In track the modifier price on bill log;

Dine In  print tips guide lines on guest receipt; add change bill button on settle screen

Dine In  Don’t print the item price on guest receipt.

Dine In  fix payment status bugs.

Dine In add express, need test

Dine In  duplicate order;

Dine In Fix callerID problem;

Dine In weekly & monthly backup db

Dine In  settlement monthly report; need test;

Dine In  support new caller identifier; fix offline transactions problems;

Dine In (test)

Dine In 

Dine In fix recall bug, fix double service charge bug.

Dine In  improved bill log report. New phone pad. New delivery charge setup. Check ID before reprint guest receipt.

DeliveryChargeRate = -1, delivery charge will be integrates to service charge. If DeliveryChargeRate >0 and <1 then delivery charge will be calculate on sales total (rate%).

Dine In   improved  bill log report.

Dine In  fix sort by name bugs

Dine In   support Swind caller identifier

Dine In   improved inputing menu

Dine In  new interface; menu input;

Dine In  change service charge settlement function; credit card recharge;

Dine In  new cashdrawer locker function

Dine In  new time card function.

Dine In  new pccharge code; if you don’t know what changed, don’t update.


Dine In 

Dine In  new credit card functions, improve gift card functions, change some EOD reports.

Dine In   new server settle screen and report. 

Dine In comp item; duplicate order; new tips system

Dine In  doesn’t print hibachi receipts in hibachi table, sort modifier by name. new “closing” SID

Dine In  vip reward card

Dine In vip reward card

Dine In

Dine In   fix combined bill modifier amount problem; new server settlement button;

Dine In   bar liquor price

Dine In  save credit card number with bill.

Dine In  fix calculate modifiers problem; recommend all update to this version

Dine In  beta version

Dine In   discount/service-charge/delivery-charge is not included tax;

Dine In food runner receipt, express mode,

Dine In

Dine In

Dine In Spite bill by seat#

Dine In  new tcp/ip functions with pccharge

Dine In auto tips; bar price

Dine In 

Dine In  gift card support usb card reader

Dine In

Dine In improve EOD functions

Dine In  fix one bug.

Dine In  menu group available time.

Dine In  new server settlement screen; delivery credit card printer; menu item available time.

Dine In google map, share table

Dine In fix two bugs

Dine In  inventory system, new [select date time box]

Dine In

Dine In need check

Dine In this version only for Kaijou.

Dine In   improve credit card batch. Void the transactions not in database.

Dine In (Not Test) don’t install,  VIP Card, New Sales Report by category

Dine In (New) New Tax calculating way, have 1cent to 99cents different.

Dine In  clock in before go to work; must input guests number

Dine In  print price on kitchen receipt

Dine In  Add Google map online to Driver Map.

Dine In gratuity guideline on credit card receipt

Dine In

Dine In

Dine In

Dine In Support USB Cash drawer

Dine In

Dine In

Dine In

Dine In   fix server settlement problem; fix splitted ticket settled status problem.

Dine In   print2tips

Dine In  Auto log off

Dine In Some functions are different than old version after Please contact your software provider before you update.

Dine In service charge same as gratuity

Dine In more protections of credit card than old version.

Dine In  fix some bugs.  more protections of credit card than old version.

Dine In  Can move up or move down modifiers. record E.O.D closed employee

Dine In  show server name on table map; print seat# to kitchen; improve table map function; new reports in report center; included two interfaces in same program; new seat# function on the order screen and add server receipt included seat#.


Buffet (New) support new credit card reader

Buffet  fix some bug

Buffet   test version


Buffet  test version

Buffet  print barcode on credit card receipt; print barcode on spited ticket; check computer with duplicate credit card# and keyin card# function;















Buffet check id of reprint receipt

Buffet upgrade vip credit points

Buffet new pccharge code. If you don’t know what changed, don’t update.



Buffet   Add closing SID, The Person who will close “End of Day” should have closing SID. Make sure of you having supervisor password before you update

Buffet fix some bug in win7

Buffet Support ID Card, Support Win7




Buffet    need test

Buffet  only for asian chao




Buffet   for Canada China House

Buffet  need test



Buffet add tips need security id, make sure you have supervisor password before you update it.






Buffet  If you don't know what's changed, don't update it.

Buffet  New Splitting Item Screen

Buffet  Some functions are different than old version after Please contact your software provider before you update.



Salon (New)


Salon   Multi-shop gift card function