Why Use the MCPOS System?

ADS Computer Company was established in 1998. Up till now, we are proud to announce that we have the biggest and most professional team of experts in the Chicago Chinese Community. We also have business agents across the U.S. and Canada. ADS is the best solution for your business!

We can improve your restaurant's profitability. The MCPOS Restaurant Software is reliable and feature-rich that provivide restaurant's point of sale and back office solutin. Also,it is affordable, user friendly,with windows based,touch operated point of sale,and store management solution. Whether you're operating a small restaurant or part of a multi-national franchise,our technology and expertise can help you improve your restaurant operations and increase your profitability.Save your time and money.

The MCPOS Restaurant software can increase operations efficiency,improve customer service effectively,control inventory,and more. Are you running an ethnic restaurant,with staff that cannot speak fluent English? Don't worry!MCPOS is multilingual,so the screen interfaces will be displayed in your staff's preferred language. MCPOS can also be configured, so that it will send the order to the kitchen,bar or packing area in different language other than the guest receipt.



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